Lauded by such publications as Newsweek and The New York Times, and by such institutions as Princeton’s Jewish Center, the Hebrew Union College and the UN, Dr. Jud Newborn speaks with dramatic power and a deeply felt passion that leaves his audiences both moved and exhilarated.” LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

“Dr. Jud Newborn tells a riveting and important story about resistance to the Nazis from within Germany. The students who formed the White Rose were brave beyond measure, and Dr. Newborn brings them alive again for us.” JANE ALEXANDER, FORMER CHAIR, NAT’L ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS; TONY, EMMY and FOUR-TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE  

“The overflowing room was spellbound as you painted a portrait of courage more like a storyteller than a lecturer. The lessons to be learned were invaluable, especially in light of current world events and the need for heroes to step forward.” HEDY BERMAN, COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY, FORT COLLINS

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER: THE WHITE ROSE STUDENT ANTI-NAZI RESISTANCE – AND HEROES IN THE FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS TODAY. A Dramatic, Multimedia Lecture Program by Dr. Jud Newborn – jnewbo@aol.com –  PROGRAMS/CREDENTIALS/TESTIMONIALS:  http://judnewborn.posterous.com/speaking-truth-to-power-hans-sophie-scholl-th  and http://www.judnewborn.com  BOOK: http://www.amazon.com/Sophie-Scholl-White-Rose-Newborn/dp/1851685367

This dramatic and inspiring multimedia lecture program is based on Dr. Jud Newborn’s book, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, companion to the Academy Award-nominated German film, “Sophie Scholl: The Last Days.”   Using music, historical photographs and suspenseful storytelling, Dr. Newborn recounts how Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans – former fanatical Hitler Youth leaders, the latter arrested for a teen same-sex relationship – transformed uniquely to become the greatest heroes of the German anti-Nazi resistance.  “We will not be silent,” their wartime leaflets declared.  “We are your bad conscience.  The White Rose will not leave you in peace!”  On February 18, 1943, they mounted a gallery high above the University of Munich’s vast atrium and scattered hundreds of leaflets down upon the heads of astonished students.  It was the only public protest against Nazis ever to be staged. But Dr. Newborn’s program does not remain in the past. Relating the White Rose story to today’s most compelling current events, he then presents an array of “White Rosers” today – inspiring heroes of all backgrounds, abroad and at home – who risk themselves for freedom and our shared humanity.”

CREDENTIALS:  Jud Newborn, Ph.D., is a New York-based author, lecturer and expert on anti-Semitism, extremism and the fight for human rights worldwide.  Founding Historian of NY’s Museum of Jewish Heritage from 1986 to 2000, Dr. Newborn has lectured from San Diego’s Old Globe Theater, L.A.’s Simon Wiesenthal Center and major universities and religious institutions to the United Nations, and from Canada to Cape Town. He is co-author of the acclaimed Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, companion to the Academy Award-nominated German film of 2006, “Sophie Scholl: The Last Days.”  Dr. Newborn has also written for The New York Times and Jerusalem Post among other leading publications, and appeared as a consultant throughout the media, from the CBS Morning News, CNN and other networks to NPR’s “All Things Considered.”  Awarded his PhD with Distinction by the University of Chicago, Dr. Newborn broke a decades-long barrier by giving the first lecture on the Holocaust ever held at the UN in July 1995, at which time he also called out against the UN’s abandonment of Bosnia Muslims to mass murder. During his European fieldwork from 1980-1983, he also hunted down former SS officers and worked briefly undercover for Poland’s Solidarity Freedom Movement in 1982, six months into the Communist Declaration of Martial Law.  Today he serves as Special Projects Curator for the renowned Cinema Arts Centre, LI, bringing in celebrated actors, directors and authors to interview before live audiences.

“I would strongly urge colleges and universities to offer their podiums to Jud Newborn.  Matters of Human Rights, Justice, Peace, Courage, and Conscience find resonance with his lectures on the White Rose.”  PROF. JAMES MCNUTT, THOMAS MORE COLLEGE, KENTUCKY

We hit the jackpot with Jud Newborn. Great substance and really great drama. One of the best Holocaust and human rights presentations anyone will ever hear.” – EDIE NAVEH, DIRECTOR, HOLOCAUST CENTER OF PITTSBURGH

Stirring Theme Music, 78 Powerful Context-Setting Images, Suspenseful Storytelling, and Startling Revelations:  Setting the White Rose story in broad context, Dr.Jud Newborn opens and closes with a great German freedom song beloved by the White Rose and reveals, at last, the moving details Hans Scholl’s arrest for a same-sex teen relationship that led to Hans and Sophie’s enigmatic transformation from Hitler Youth leaders to Germany’s greatest anti-Nazi heroes – and icons in the world today. Throughout the program he present 78 powerful images that bring their world alive, as well as that of  “White Rosers” today who risk themselves similarly for freedom and our shared humanity.  

PART II: OTHER “WHITE ROSERS” represented in Part II cover a spectrum of heroes and issues ranging from genocide in Bosnia and Africa, Israeli-Palestinian peace activists, Christian martyrs in the Amazon fighting for the environment, and courageous Chinese dissidents — to those in the USA standing up for gay rights, fighting bullying and opposing crimes of bias perpetrated by over 1000 hate organizations across the country.

You have every right to be proud of all your meaningful accomplishments on teaching the lessons of the Holocaust, and I congratulate you.” ROBERT M. MORGENTHAU, BOARD CHAIR, NY’s MUSEUM OF JEWISH HERITAGE; NY DISTRICT ATTORNEY

A combination of erudition and panache.” ANNETTE INSDORF, AUTHOR on HOLOCAUST in FILM

“Jud Newborn is a vibrant speaker on subjects of the utmost importance.” DR. RUTH WESTHEIMER

A stellar presentation!” MAUREEN McNEIL, ANNE FRANK CENTER USA

EDITORIAL REVIEWS:  SOPHIE SCHOLL AND THE WHITE ROSEby Jud Newborn and Annette Dumbach  http://www.amazon.com/Sophie-Scholl-White-Rose-Newborn/dp/1851685367

“Superbly written… Essential for public and academic history collections” — LIBRARY JOURNAL (*STARRED REVIEW)

“The animated narrative reads like a suspense novel.”

“This is a story that commands our attention.”

“Heart-wrenching and inspiring.”

“Inspiring…and could not be more timely. This is a book worth reading anytime, anywhere.”

“Could change your life forever.” DAYTON DAILY NEWS

“Unusually powerful and compelling…. Among the indispensable literature of modern political culture.” DAS PARLAMENT (OFFICIAL PUBLICATION, GERMAN BUNDESTAG)

“The book, chapter by chapter, builds an incontestable argument for the power and possibilities of action over passive acceptance and apathy.”


 * TO LIFE!  A HOLOCAUST HERO’S MODERN MIRACLE–AN EVENING OF MYSTERY & REVELATION  Dr. Jud Newborn poignantly interweaves his own personal story (his adventures, heartbreak and triumphs in confronting the Holocaust) with the lost world of the Jewish Shtetl—and the amazing tale of the first man to bring the news of the Holocaust to the West. Revolving around the author’s thrilling discovery of Polish Bund Spokesman Szmul Artur Zygielbojm’s lost artifacts, Dr. Newborn tells a miraculous, life affirming story of how three seemingly disconnected lives magically intersected over time and space. Newborn’s discovery links him by surprise to Zygielbojm’s surviving niece, a 75 year-old champion ballroom dancer who “brings me under her spell, inducing me to dance—not to mourn, but to celebrate Jewish survival.” (With dramatic visuals)

Image Dr. Jud Newborn sets the dramatic story of Jewish anti-Nazi resistance in a unique, eye-opening framework that also explains its relevance for today.  Treating the entire scope of Jewish resistance, from Western to Eastern Europe and North Africa, “Lions of Judah” provides accounts of Jewish heroism that will astound and inspire—while fundamentally changing our assumptions about how Jews responded to Nazi terror.  Relevant and morale-boosting for peoples of all backgrounds, “Lions of Judah” teaches audiences the true meaning of courage and resistance, as we face the ever-present dangers of fanaticism and anti-Semitism today.Image